Tuesday, June 21, 2011

LEGO Terraria Webisode 3! Oops! Eater Of Worlds Edition

Typically, the first time I summon an Eater Of Worlds is on accident, and when I have something like the shown setup, a set of Iron Armor and a Silver Longsword. This is not a good setup to fight the hardest boss in the game. Yes, I think he is harder than Skeletron. I won't go into why right now, but suffice to say I have first hand knowledge ;)
This is the inevitable outcome of engaging such a formidable boss monster so ill prepared.


Brutorz Bill said...

But you had the Iron Armor! LOL

Caedyn Danow said...

It's pretty easy with a flail, though. And you should be getting one from a shadow orb soon.

CounterFett said...

Actually, I'm just not very good with the flail. The best way I have found to beat him without dying is the minishark full of meteor shot. Rocks that worm right up.