Friday, June 24, 2011

More Big News. Because I Have Not Had Enough Headlines This Weekend!

That's right folks, Counterfett here with one more big announcement before the weekend. I recently got added on as a contributor for the San Francisco Examiner. What is my purview you may ask? Halo, of course! It's funny, I was questioning how wise it was to have such a narrow scope, and was really down on myself for picking a game franchise that is 'done' when I find out today that Halo 4 has been announced. Superlative!

In any event. I have submitted my first article, which apparently has to be peer reviewed prior to being posted. Fair enough I suppose. When it happens, I'll put up a link so you all can see what's up. This likely means I will be doing less (or no) Halo posting here, other than maybe posting the occasional link to an article. This is just to avoid any duplication of effort. I don't know though. What would you guys like me to do?
  1. Post Links to my articles on The Examiner.
  2. Put up a widget to link to my Examiner Articles, but not post them.
  3. Re-post all of the articles here, rather than links to The Examiner.
I am going to put up a poll about this to replace the content vote poll, since that one is done, and this one seems more relevant all of a sudden. Give it a vote and let me know what you think.

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Loquacious said...

fabulous news! I vote putting a widget. How exciting!