Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ninjago Booster Pack: Bonezai

So today while I was at Walmart I finally caved and bought a Ninjago spinner thing. I read the rules and sure it looks like it would be fun to play. I think even my 4 year old could get the concept, so it might be a fun thing to play with him whenever his big sister is away doing something.

Now, the reason I got a Skeleton in particular is that I have been playing Terraria pretty much non-stop since Thursday when I bought it, and Skeletons are a pretty iconic enemy (slightly less so than the ever present slimes, but I don't know that LEGO has ever released a slime minifig). I went in to this looking for Chopov, because I think it is funny he wears a helmet, but when I saw Bonezai I just had to get him. I'll get to the why in a moment.
As to the figure itself, he is a little different than the Skeletons LEGO has released in the past. Instead of the ball-joint arms, he has the battle droid style clip arms. I don't like that the hands are stuck in that sideways position, but since these minifigs are made particularly for the game, the sideways hold sort of makes sense. Another difference is the chest armor, the first time LEGO has used a head peg overlay on a skellie, I believe. Thirdly, and finally, instead of the old skeleton feet, he has blocky minifig style feet in order to interface with his spinner (I forgot to take a pic of the spinner, I apologize, hopefully when I take pics of playing with the boy I will remember. Bonezai also comes with three weapons, the flail, which is an older piece that I have never had before, a cool bone axe, which was possible to make before, as it is reused parts, though I never saw one.
The third weapon, his golden pickaxe, while a fairly strange choice for a skeleton (I guess he needed to get out from underground somehow), is the entire reason I chose this set over one of the others. Terraria has forever cursed me it seems, as I see a gold pickaxe and think 'sweet, I bet I can really move through dirt block now!'

The LEGO/Terraria connection in my head is pretty overpowering apparently.

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