Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Orx Marauders For Fun And Profit!

Hey all, Counterfett here. I have signed up for the Beta Test version rules for WarPath, and I am thinking of what kind of army I want to play with their forthcoming miniatures line. I adore Mantic, with their great quality, simple and fun rules, and non insulting prices.

But what army do I want to play? I do sort of want to play the space dwarfs, or squats, or whatever Mantic ends up calling their Stunties in Space. But the more probable answer is Orx Marauders (again, whatever they end up being called). I have always liked the idea of Space Pirates or Reavers, so an army that actually is space pirates seems like a fun idea. Heck, maybe I can even paint them in the VoidCorp company color scheme!

Plus, I already have some painted Ork Boyz from that other sci-fi franchise, some Karmans counts as MegaNobz, plus some grotz. Now, I don't know how well these will convert over, not having read the rules or army lists yet, but I am sure I can make something work.

What does everyone think? I really like Kings of War (my Undead Army is a bit of a WIP though), so I am pretty excited about the same sort of simple and fast sci-fi game.


An Enemy said...

And you see no irony at all here? Yesterday, you said the Wracks reminded you of Cryx which is debatable since they resemble another nongaming IP much more closely. Today you're gushing over models that are actually MEANT to mirror GW's orks for the purpose of serving as cheap counts as.

CounterFett said...

It's pretty simple. I've never seen Hellraiser...so NOTHING reminds me of hellraiser.

It was the Grotesque that looks like Cryx. It does, really. I'm definitely not the only one to see this in the DE lineup, but I'm not saying it as an attack. PP puts out some good models. I said I gave it a 4 out of 5 anyway, which is pretty generous, as far as my ratings go.

I said the wracks didn't look like Cryx, but the paint made me think they did. Kind of a fine distinction, but it's there.

I like Mantic for the reasons in the article. The primary one being they are cheap. I think that's the reason most people like them, if we're all being honest about it. Nevertheless, I actually play the Mantic games, (more than FB anyway), and was planning on using my orks as orx, not the other way around.

plainwill said...

space dwarves are gonna be called forgefathers

CounterFett said...

@ plainwill: Thanks, I could not remember, I knew I had read it somewhere!

An Enemy said...

Fair enough. I didn't mean to jump on your back so if I came off that way I apologize. Reading it again I do sound a bit like a jerk.