Friday, June 3, 2011

The Poll Is In; Long Live The Poll!

Godd evening good people of the internet! Counterfett here with the results of the 'What Miniatures to Use For Infinity Poll" as well as the beginning of the new poll!

Actually using Infinity minis was the resounding winner. Now, this is the least cheap option of those in the poll, but I entered it because I was sincere in wanting to use the genuine models for the game, since they are, let's face it, exquisite. This week, I have covered the three different sides I was looking at for the game, and now since I am undecided, I am going to leave it up to you! I am going to make this order next friday after my next good check, which is why I am starting this poll now.

For those of you who missed it or do not remember, the three that were up for the running, in alphabetical order:
Ariadna: Scottish Werewolves in Spaaaaace!
Mercenaries: Yuan Yuan Pirates in Spaaaaaace!
Nomads: Bakunin Mass Effect themed umm, army in space of course.

You only have a week to the button!

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Silar Lannanaris said...

You should enter this comp ( with the infinity squad you pick!