Saturday, June 25, 2011

Toy Story 3 LEGO Minifigures!

I could also title this post: "My Wife Bought A Ton Of LEGO Sets, And All I Got Were These Toy Story 3 Guys" but that would be unfair, and I have overused that a bit lately. I did get a Halo Minimate 2 pack, but we'll talk about that a bit later.
These are pretty neat figs, really. I was especially stoked about Twitch, the green bug dude on the left, since I have the big deluxe He-Man sized fig of him. These are the figs from the Garbage Truck set, which, humorously enough, my wife wanted for the garbage truck. So I have all of these spare weird minifigs.

I already mentioned that Twitch is cool, and this is my second Buzz, though this is the 'dirty with worried expression' version. Whatever, he'll make a nice addition to my mixed bag of power armored LEGO mercenaries.

The big purple bear is Lotso. I never saw the movie, but I take it he's our bad guy. He's pretty neat in that he is the largest LEGO mionifig I have ever owned. I don't know how big the old fantasy trolls were, but they must have been about this size. So we'll call it a win. I might pose him with some amusing weaponry just for giggles a little bit down the line.

This is my second version of whatever the tall cowgirl is called. Again, this is the dirty and worried version, not the happy-go-lucky version from the train set. I have no real use for this one at this time. Just going to hold on to it in case I need to do some weird tall LEGO conversion.


Brutorz Bill said...

I really like the Twitch minifig, shame you've gotta buy the dump truck to get him.

CounterFett said...

The upshot was my wife wanted the dump truck for her LEGO farm, and didn't want the minifigs. Otherwise I would likely never have got it.