Thursday, June 9, 2011

Weekly Update!

Good morning one and all! Counterfett here, bringing you the Weekly update, day late Thursday edition. Been pretty swamped both at home and at work, so there is a bit to update about for a change that has not already been blogged to death.
  • Toys! Yes folks, I have a lot of in package toys that need to be opened and reviewed. Skeletor, Predator, Ice Armor He-Man (I forgot to mention that 'opening' won that poll, oops) all need to see the light of day and internets.
  • Youtube. I have started my own Youtube channel. Just video captures of me playing Terraria with commentary, at the moment. I will expand into other games as the opportunity arises, and maybe into other areas entirely.
  • Articulated Monster! We will be recording another episode this weekend, so if you have a toy (or not toy) related question you would like a panel of pseudo experts to address on-air, make sure you let us know! More detail at Why Did I Buy That Toy?
  • LEGO projects. I am thinking of doing some more in the realm of custom LEGO minifigs again. The killing floor LEGO conversion project sort of flopped, so I am curious if anyone is realy interested in this.
That's it for now, folks, thanks for tuning in!

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