Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Chaos Gunline: Nailing Down The Basics

A few weeks ago (wow, has it really been that long?), I posted about my intention to make a Chaos Space Marine army. Rather than starting with a core of Berzerkers and Lesser Daemons, which I already have models for, I of course decided to do something entirely new and different. Typical for me, really.

It was suggested that I do an old school gunline army. The idea appealed to my sense of irony, and since this whole concept was designed as a more fun escape from the 'optimized list' phenomena that even I had been sucked into, I went a step further to decide I was going to use Plague Marines and Oblits. I really do like Obliterators, so including them seemed like a plan to me. I think I am going to come up with something different than actual Obliterator cult in terms of models though, as the base models are much more costly than I am willing to spring, not to mention that they would take more work to look good than I am willing to invest in this project. More on this later...

So, at this early conceptual phase, what have I determined? Plague marines for troops, Obliterators for heavy. I can probably skip on fast attack (I usually do anyway). That leaves Elites and HQ. Depending on how points break down, I will either skip Elites or go with Terminators, I think, simply because Chaos Terminators are so little loved, but have great models.

Not as sure about HQ. The obvious choices are Typhus or a Daemon Prince. But being me, I am not going to rule out Abbadon, simply for absurdity's sake.


HOTpanda said...

If its a Chaos gunline than I recommend Chosen and here is why:

1/ They can take up to 5 special weapons per squad. Making them a scary squad.

2/ In games where you do not want them if you model them right you can use them in your squads as the special weapons. Dual purpose models means a win win for you and your wallet.

I am a big fan of Nurgle but just wondering why Plague Marines? Is is just the reliance of them?

CounterFett said...

Good thinking on the Chosen. I even should know better considering that's my Killzone army.

The reason for Plague Marines is because I like their toughness, and I have never used them. I have done a lot with 'Zerkers and Lesser Daemons, but never Plagues, Noisers, or TSons.

HOTpanda said...

150pts = 10 CSM
161pts = 07 Plague Marines

The extra 11 points is well worth the increase toughness and their FnP save. They can easily outlast a CSM squad. Just be wary of weapons that by pass their FNP. Lesser Daemons make a great complimenting unit for Plague Marines since they have an INV save.

Looking forward to your army.

Anonymous said...

am I missing something you say you dont want to go for an optomised list and then choose plague marines and obliterators and maybe a nurgle dp.
That is the most optomised chaos list

HOTpanda said...

It is bang on what I run for my Nurgle CSM army. Originally I thought you were going to be running 20 man CSM units.