Saturday, July 9, 2011

Chaos Gunlines: Are They Competitive?

Ok, so a funny thing happened after this morning's post. I got a comment from an anonymous poster that did not publish because it went into the spam folder, for whatever reason. In it, the unnamed poster said that it was funny about me making an unoptimized list, but putting in plague marines, obliterators, and a daemon prince because those are the most optimized units in the codex.

And it's a funny thing, because I partially even agree with him. Plague Marines are tough, but severely overpriced, in most players' opinions. Plus, they'll be on foot. This is a gunline army, right? Obliterators are one of my favorite units in the codex; two wound Terminators that can shoot one of several heavy weapons each round? Sign me up, but they are costly too, and minus armored vehicles, I think they are going to become anti-tank weapon magnets. As for Daemon Princes, because they are so customizable, I am sure there is an optimum way to set them up, but I'm hardly going to be the one to do it.

Furthermore, this discounts that I never even said that these were the final choices. In short, this army is being built for fun. Based on what things in the codex I like. Surely some decent stuff is bound to get in there, at least by accident. I stand by the original statement I made a few weeks ago...any optimization in this build is completely by coincidence.

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Anonymous said...

I really like this idea of yours. And death guard were all about close range fire fights so it's in the fluff. Some noise marine blasters would add some more mid range firepower as well.