Thursday, July 28, 2011

Drop Pod Space Marines. Working On The List!

That's right. Counterfett here, and my short attention span has struck again. Also, bloggers scheduler has struck again, since this post was supposed to drop this morning! The next big thing I am toying with is a drop pod list. Bit short on the details as of yet, but I should have something more concrete to post on soon.

I am going to be using Codex: Space Marines. This is for a few reasons:
  1. They lend themselves to it better, it doesn't feel like you are giving up options you are paying points for, like in a BA or SW list.
  2. More points effective than some other power armor lists.
  3. Everyone hates Space Wolf Counts as :D
  4. Everyone says all drop pod lists are garbage.
There you have it. Besides another great reason for me to enter a numbered list, all of the ingredients for a Counterfett style bowl of army list making gumbo.

Like I said, the ideas are all swirling around in my head at the moment, as soon as I have something coherent enough to write down, you will be the first to know!


sonsoftaurus said...

I love all pod lists. IMO it's really the iconic Space Marine attack.

SW can do it well. The bolter/bp/ccw combo and counter attack let them weather the post-drop retaliation better than most.

Regular SM are good, and some of the special characters can benefit them. Especially Vulkan for the twin-linked meltas/flamers on the drop and Pedro for the Stubborn and extra attack bubble.

To me, the main thing most folks miss when running drop pods is they feel they HAVE to drop close to the enemy. Not so - sometimes further away is better, and there's all kinds of fun you can have with using pod walls to disrupt enemy movement, cutting them off from objectives, etc.

Warflake said...

I'm working on a drop pod list myself. Half the army dropping half the army staying back bolstering defences with big guns.

Silar Lannanaris said...

What chapter are you thinking of doing? I hope Mantis Warriors.

Anonymous said...

Love my 7 pod SW list! Great to see an article on its way!