Sunday, July 31, 2011

Drop Podding. Like A Gunline, But With Rockets!

Been working on a drop pod list all weekend, and realized after putting much thought into the project, that what I had come up with for my preferred style of play looked an awful lot like something I had already come up with before. Namely, it looked like my Spartan Marine army list, but with Drop Pods.

Now, far from being a guy who is willing to reinvent the wheel, I did a search (the irony of doing a search on my own blog is not lost on me) and pulled up the part of the army list that I had largely duplicated. Here it is:


10 Sternguard with Combi-Melta


5 Tactical Squad

5 Tactical Squad

6 Scout squad (bolters) with Heavy Bolter, Sergeant has Bolt Pistol & Power Fist

Fast Attack

10 Assault Squad

Heavy Support

5 Devastator Squad with (4) Plasma Cannon

5 Devastator Squad with (4) Plasma Cannon

It's late as I write this, so I cannot even remember if Devastators can take drop pods. I am planning on cutting the Scouts, and I will need to come up with an HQ.  Having cut the Master of the Forge and his add ons as well as Pedro, and going with a more generic HQ should save me the points to go with a drop pod for each unit and still play at the original points level that the Spartan Marines did so well in.

I'll do a little more tinkering tomorrow, and have something more finalized up for your review.

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Dawfydd said...

I've found that Shrike leading Raven Guard drop pods works quite well.
Marines who count as fleet? Yes please. Tacticals all the way, maybe a Dread or two, and depending on the venue a pair of Deathstorm pods to drop amongst the enemy and raise some hell...