Sunday, July 3, 2011

Gaming With 4" Figures. Who's Done It?

I was going through my toys a bit today, trying to decide which of my toys I was not too attached to that I could give to my son, as he is graduating from 'baby' toys to 'kid' toys. Don't ask me what that distinction is, since I am no philosopher, but I know it's there. As I did so, I noticed...dang, I have a lot of toys. I have more 4" figures (or 3.75, the more technically correct but annoying to say) than I do miniatures. That includes 40k, Dust, Infinity, War Machine, Hordes, AT-43, Kings of War, Chronoscope, and pretty much any other sci-fi game you can think of.

Suffice to say I have a lot of toys. I was thinking that it really was a shame that I don't use this huge old collection the way I should. Are there games set up to use 4 inch figures? If you really think about it, anyone who has toys has accessories or playsets that would work as great terrain, and any game using them would by necessity be of small unit or individual model scale.

So how about it? Anyone know of any gmae made to use 4" figures, or something that would scale up well?


Brutorz Bill said...

Had a blast doing it with my little brother many many years ago, and my son when he was little.

Evan said...

I used to run D&D with the Lord of the Rings action figure line. It was pretty freakin' sweet.

michael said...

Look for an old game called "Toying with Destruction". It is a minis game that uses your toy collection.

Paws4thot said...

Any game (right back to HG Wells' "Little Wars") that uses measured ranges for missile weapons and movement (and hence presumably powers) should work as long as you have enough real estate to play in. ISTR that Wells actually played in his garden, using 54mm figures.