Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Heroic Age Captain America: Bucky Strikes Back!

I got this some time last week, and was waiting until I was ready to post about it to open it. It was one of the harder figures to find with good paint apps, since the star on his chest is paint only, not sculpted, as is the case on the other figures in the line. This version depicts James 'Bucky' Barnes after taking up the mantle of Captain America at Steve Rogers' death. Since Bucky is (inexplicably) my favorite character in comics, I feel it was worth the wait. Pictures first, or scroll down for the pros & cons...
 Bucky as Captain America with all of his gear. This is the only way I found to attach the bulky shield accessory to him and still have him stand.
 Nice Deagle bro.
 Sadly, Cap's knife is much less impressive.
 All of Bucky's sidearms holster securely without bending, a la Union Jack.
 Shield with blades in retracted position. At the press of the Star Spangled Button...
They spring into attack position. It's a shame he can't hold this, as it is otherwise a pretty cool accessory.

  • Cool metallic effect on the uniform. In some places, like the gloves, the metallic paint doesn't make sense, but overall, it is kind of a nice effect, and makes the colored segments of the costume more striking.
  • Weapons. I like Bucky's more practical approach to weaponry. The shield is cool and all, but a fella likes to take solace in a hefty Desert Eagle. I have the urge to paint it gold though...
  • Detail. Like most of this line, the detailing of the sculpt is crisp and believable. It is an excellent portrayal of Bucky as Cap, with even his face sculpt being recognizable as bucky from the Winter Soldier sculpts. Even peripheral details such as the belt (which connects only in back) are well though out and executed.
  • Paint. Mine is terrific, but I really had to hunt. Make sure you keep an eye on this if you are planning to pick something up from this line, as there are some inconsistencies.
  • Giving him a number, and taking away his name. Just like the Secret Agent Man, Bucky has a number. In this case, embarrassingly emblazoned on the front of his left boot. I've already griped about this.
  • Flatfooted. Umm, yeah. His left leg is shorter than his right or something. It makes him look like he's got a club foot or hammertoe or something. I'm not sure if that's just mine though, so I'm not judging too harshly on that.
Overall, Heroic Age Captain America is a terrific figure. If only they would allow themselves to be free of this lines few foibles, they would really have something here. More and more, I find myself hoping these do really well, and that the movie is a hit at the box-office, simply so I can grab more of my favorite Avenger!

Is this my new favorite from the line? Maybe, but my old Nemesis NostalgieFett wants it to stay true-blue Heavy Artillery Captain America. Hard to beat the way the Captain looked when I was a kid.

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jboypacman said...

I just got the Heavy Artillery Cap at your suggestion and he is just great now am thinking about get another one. Maybe "Bucky" America or perhaps the movie based one i just don't know yet.