Tuesday, July 26, 2011

LEGO Pirates Of The Caribbean

Can you believe that Target already has Pirates of the Caribbean on clearance in some locations? Well, they do, and at 50% off, I figured it was time to pick up some of the sets my wife wanted, like Isla de Muerta. Now, she mostly wanted all of the bits and scenery (what I think of as terrain), and was happy to give me the bulk of the figures. All she kept was the girl figure, which is too bad, because I really wanted a LEGO Keira Knightly. Oh, and Skeleton Barbossa's hat. Whatever.
I really think LEGO is hitting the peak of what is possible in these figures with the Pirates line and the most recent Kingdoms waves. The paint on this figures is simply stunning.
Another noteworthy piece of which I was unaware was that Captain Jack's head was two sided, and that the other side, was Undead Jack! I will likely use this as a Zombie head, but I kind of like that he looks like the cover of Red Dead Undead Nightmare.
Another major plus is of course the Barbossa figure (played in the films by the peerless Geoffrey Rush). Here we see him outfitted by Brickarms with all the accoutrements of the adventuring gentleman.


jboypacman said...

I must get to Target! Been wanting that Fountain of Youth set.

eriochrome said...

Problem with store clearences is that your market may vary. I want to get that set for my daughter since it has the Elizabeth Swan minifig. She is also excited about the Cleopatra minifig in the series 5.

CounterFett said...

@ eriochrome. You're right, this is especially problematic with Target, which can vary from store to store, even in the same town.

Their clearances seem to be based on stock model BY STORE.

Lego party favors said...

They look so cute! Lego are really awesome toys.

SirDragonBane said...

These minifgs are awesome. And the "accoutrement" Barbossa is bearing in the last pic is fantastic, dude! :)

Lego rarely goes for clearance here in Singapore. When it does, though, even for as little as 20%, they sell like hot cakes!

Rustin Harrison said...

Got the London Escape for 25 bucks! They also had the cannibal escape for twenty bucks.

Trey J. said...

The Target's around me here in Houston were 75% clearance as of midday today. I saw women walking around with Harry Potter and Star Wars Lego's for cheap.

I could only find one Green Lantern Movie Master Tomar-Re so I bought it on the cheap @ $3.98. Most of the other stuff was gone except for a lot of Thor toys and a few DC comics toys.