Friday, July 1, 2011

Lowest Model Count 500 pt Army! Grey Knight Style

I finally bought the Grey Knights Codex. It's no secret that I love low model count elite armies. My previous low model count army was Space Wolf Loganwing, which was a blast to play at super low point levels, because you could fit the whole army onto an index card.
Draigo and Paladins from the Grey Knights codex, however, take the army to new heights, er, well, lows, of model count. See, the fist thing I did when I got the new codex was look a the HQ choices to see what they unlock for troops. 'Wait, this Draigo guy means I can take two wound termies as troops?' Yes, yes he does. So here's what the list looks like for 500 points...

HQ: Draigo

Troops: 2x Paladin

Troops: 2x Paladin

Yeah, at 500 points, that's the whole army! Amazing isn't it? I love 500 points lists because of their simplicity, but this is something else entirely! Problems with this list being of course the complete lack of anti armor, ultra low model count, lack of anti horde, and...well...ultra low model count. Plus being you can use the same models for a quick game of Space Hulk after you get thrashed at 40k!

Oh, and as for the pic, of course I am using Halo Bloks to represent the idea at this phase! It's what I always do. I did have one person ask me about using the pistols to represent stormbolters, to which I reply: "have you ever played the first Halo game? The M6D is a stormbolter!"


Da Masta Cheef said...
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Da Masta Cheef said...

Throw in 2 Landraiders for heavy support and you're up to about 1K or so (perhaps a bit more as I don't have the book in front of me to check).

CounterFett said...

DNC: Yeah, actually, adding one Land Raider and one Land Raider Redeemer puts it at 995. 2 LRs or LRCs put it slightly over. By 5 points I think.

Anonymous said...

might i suggest

x2 paladins
and a dreadnaught with a flamer

you can deal with horde and ignore saves so that will help you lots. and be a harder target to take down.