Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Masters Of The Universe Monday! Round 2!

Also known as...can it fight He-Man; in which we test the mettle of my toy collection, one iconic plaything at a time, seeing which toys can stand toe to toe with the most powerful man in the universe and live to tell the tale.
In the blue Corner, He-Man! Prince Adam by day, ripped identical looking medieval superhero by, er day also! He is the heir to the Eternian throne, but also heir to the sword of He, guardian of the power of  Grayskull!
In the, umm...gold Corner, we have the Cursed Cobra Statue! It's Lean, it's mean, it's over a foot long! When not terrorizing intrepid Egyptologists, it is doubling as the Eater of Worlds in my LEGO Terraria Webisodes.
There's the Bell!
The Cobra Statue starts out strong, with a Cobra quick strike to He-Man's arm, injecting him with industrial strength Cursed Cobra venom! But He-Man has the power of HE, and no mere lizard spit is going to put him down for the count. He grabs the Cursed Cobra by the tail...winds up with his gleaming ice staff...
And smites the Cursed Cobra into three soggy LEGO chunks. Oh, the plastic humanity!

Final Verdict; Can the Cursed Cobra Statue fight He-Man?

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