Monday, July 18, 2011

My Buddy's Marauder List (With Permission)

Since yesterday I posted my Forgefather Deathwing list, I asked my buddy if I could post his equally successful (1-1, remember?) Marauders List. It's funny to me that we are playing this as a break from 40k, but we are both using builds that are named lists in 40k. In this case, we are, of course, talking about the dreadmob.

Marauders Dread List
  • Stunt Bot Team -110 points
  • Stunt Bot Team -110 points
  • Stunt Bot Team -110 pointa
  • Battle Bot with anti-tank gun -190 points
  • Battle bot with two anti tank guns -230 points
  • Really good armor. Dealing wounds on these dudes is tough. The stunt-bots are +7 armor, and the Battlebots are +9. This makes my +6 Forgeguards look like pushovers. Which they aren't. 
  • Dakka. Wait, I guess that's the wrong franchise. While the Stunts are mostly suicide melee units, the Battle-Bots have some serious anti-vehicle/anti armor.
  • Points value. Unlike my list, which has some points left over, this list uses all 750.
  • Nerve. They have none. Seriously, this is how I won the first game.
  • Model Count. Astonishingly, this has even fewer models than my list. Admittedly, they are good models, but my Forgeguard were able to knock his Stunts around a bit before they could even get in a swing.

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