Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Forgefathers Army List For Warpath

Okay. I got another game in with the Forgefathers list vs. my buddy's Marauders. Since this is by definition a proxy game at this point (no models released for this yet!) it feels the most normal to play the counts as game, since that's all I really feel like doing lately. The upshot is that my Spartan Marines army has been hitting the table more frequently, which makes me happy. It is, strangely enough, the army of which I am most proud.

Since I've been getting so involved in this game, and having so much fun with it, I thought I would share the army list that I have been playing (albiet with mixed success). I am currently 1-1 with this list. The loss, however, came down to a single dice roll, which is many gamers' definition of a well fought game.

You all know I would rather take a fun list I like playing than a winning list made by someone else that doesn't have the stuff I like in it. Anyway, here is the list. I plan on taking some pics the next time it hits the table. There is no HQ-Troops-Elites-ETC breakdown in Warpath as there is in that other game we all play, but rather for every 'troop' equivalent unit, you can take one other special thing. I obey that rule here, with my special unit being an HQ and Fast Attack equivalent, as you shall see.

  • Huscarl. Forgeguard Battlesuit + Second Pistol. 85 points
  • Light Drakkar. Hailstorm Auto-Cannon. 85 points
  • Forgeguard Section. Heat Cannon. 280 points
  • Forgeguard Section. Dragon Breath. 280 points
If I had to call this list something, it would be the equivalent of a Deathwing or Loganwing terminator list. Low model count, tough to kill. They have good nerve. If an opponent wants to break a unit of Forgeguard, they really have to work for it. Here's a quick breakdown of this lists strengths and weaknesses. I'm not an expert at this game, but I have played a few times, and I am fairly fond of this list, so I'll tell you what it does well and poorly, in my limited experience.

  • Firepower. For a list at this point level, I put out a lot of good shooting. The autocannon rocks low armor units, the heat cannon busts vehicles and heavy armor, and the dragon breath makes assaulters think twice.
  • Durability. That 6+ armor makes them hard to kill, either with shooting or assault.
  • Attitude. With good nerve, an inspiring leader, and the stubborn rule, these dudes have a certain elan. They're not a rabble, but they're not spec ops either. They're something else entirely; heavily armored battletroops that fight really well, and die hard.
  • Model count. Certain Marauder lists (which I have seen a total of once!) can simply drown a list like this in model count.
  • Assault. Someone set up to take advantage of this game's assault rules can do a lot of damage. I did not have points to make them shooty and smashy, so they are just shooty. The 'crushing strength' endowed by the battlesuits means all is not lost here, but it is definitely not their strong suit.
  • Lumbering. Yeah, aside from the Drakkar (played by my faithful Warthog model), nothing in this list moves faster than what could be described as a snail's pace.
And there you have it, folks. A perfectly serviceable, if not optimal Warpath list for the Forgefathers. It reflects my personality more than anything, I think, so your mileage may vary. The one thing I have always been good at in tabletop games is making the most of my heavy infantry, so my friends were not surprised by this list in the least. It works well for me, but your mileage may vary. If anyone out there uses this list, let me know how you do!

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