Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The New Episode Of The Articulated Monster!

Episode 11 is live! Yay!

Apparently it was up for a while, but that other James was too tired to notice and post about it. I'd normally tease him for that, but I've had that same kind of week myself (note the lack of posts lately...), so I kind of see where he's coming from on that one.

Also, I forgot to make a big todo on the last episode, so hooray! We are really in the double digits now folks!


Trey J. said...

Thanks for answering my questions on the podcast. I know they were pretty basic but still helped. I'll be sure to post some info on my blog whenever I get the ball rolling with collecting.

CounterFett said...

Cool! Glad to see more people getting into the hobby. Hope we helped. Make sure to let James know (on his site, lol!) If you have any other questions you want a semi qualified panel of toy geeks to answer for you.