Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pursuit Of Cobra: Jungle Assault Duke. Best Hasbro 4" Figure?

It's an audacious claim, but I think he just might be. I picked this up yesterday, because I had been thinking about getting one for a while, then they disappeared from stores, so when I saw this at Walmart, I did not know if I would get another chance. I really want to get Firefly too, so hopefully he sticks around, since that same store had several of him as well. It has been an awful long time since I did a GI Joe review, so here goes.
 In the package. I wanted this largely because I like the 'Rambo' or 'Ikari Warriors' aspect he has to him. GI Joe in some respects has focused too much on the special ops angle recently with super high tech gear or ninja influence. I sort of like that he looks like an elite soldier might look if they were planning on fighting in the jungle.
 The goodies. Like most POC figures, Duke comes with a lot of swag. For starters, he has a knife that I forgot to unsheath for the photo. He also comes with (from left) an M249 light machine gun, a magazine for said LMG, a backpack with elastic straps and a slot for the flashlight, flashlight, a pistol, and a SOPMOD M4 carbine with foregrip, silencer and aimpoint sight. Like I said, not too sci-fi or ninja, this is real gear real soldiers use.
 I had planned on using the M249 and pose Duke accordingly in my own version of 'Big Ammo Stories,' but the M4 is rubber banded in place, and you know how loathe I am to remove a secure weapon. An M4 in the hand is like 2 M249s strapped to the pack. One great thing about this figure is that, even though it is all parts reuse (except for the head), it is not obnoxiously so. For instance, if you look close, he has reactive armor Duke's chest from the movie line, but it all seems to work together to make a nice coherent whole. I don't know if the load bearing harness is removable. It likely is, but I think the figure would look a lot worse without it, so I have not bothered.
With a little backpack creativity, he even can hold all of his gear. I really like this figure. The facial sculpt sort of reminds me of a young Dolph Lundgren, which is either a good or bad thing, depending on your take, I like the real world firearms, the realistic use of accessories, the paint. He has terrific articulation per using the movie line parts, but manages to avoid the movie line's foibles such as awkward thinness at the joints, etc. Plus, he doesn't look like Channing Tatum, something I really appreciate in a Duke fig.

Final Verdict? Hasbro seems to have wrapped everything they have learned in all of their disparate figure lines and done it all correctly on Duke. He has double jointed knees, done right like Marvel Universe. He has good body scaling. He has good accessories that work the way they are supposed to. The only complaint I have here is that the magazine is detachable on the LMG. I would have preferred a hopper or drum mag so I could make more 'bigammo' jokes, but we can't have everything, now can we?


jboypacman said...

I never thought about the whole "Ikari Warriors" angle with this figure so now this one interest me even if am on "GI Joe" Hiatus.

SirDragonBane said...

Ikari Warriors! Now there's a name I haven't head in a long time. :)

Hasbro has a lot of great Joes and Duke is one of them! In fact the whole POC jungle themed line of Joes is excellent, right down to Cobra's Shadow Tracker, who makes for an excellent villain! :)