Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Return Of The Weekly Poll!

That's right boys and girls, Counterfett here with the return of one of the sites most beloved features of all time...the weekly poll.
In the last episode of The Articulated Monster, I made a joke about there being three player mulitplayer cooperative campaign in the forthcoming Halo 4. The Characters would be Master Chief, the Arbiter, and Jesus. Master Chief would have Overshields, the Arbiter would have a cloak, and Jesus would be able to raise downed allies from the dead.

I hope they at least think about it...

Anyway, vote in the poll, willya!


eriochrome said...

I already sort of look like all those old paintings of jesus when i have not shaved in a couple of weeks so i went with cortana since i have never been a blue ai before.

CounterFett said...

That's sort of the same rationale I go by when I always want to play as the Arbiter in Halo 3.