Friday, July 15, 2011

Victories Of The Space Marines: A Book Review

Hey all, Counterfett here. I just finished Victories Of The Space Marines. It took an abnormally long amount of time for me. Usually a mass market paperback of this size takes me about 4 hours too read. I used to do that in a typical afternoon! This took me nearly a week! Egad!

This compendium is ironically named, as several of these stories are not what I would have considered 'victories,' nor are they all strictly stories of Space Marines (depending on how you classify renegades). It was a bit of a mixed bag, really, as each of the stories was a different author, instead of my usual pros & cons list, I'll do one themed around which of the stories I liked or not.

  • The Rewards Of Tolerance. The aforementioned renegade story. While not a victory for the imperium, nor strictly space marines, it was still a good read, and an interesting take on what it might take to push valiant Space Marines over the brink.
  • Black Dawn. I had never heard of the Warbringers, but I am a fan after this. Plus points for supreme irony in the ending.
  • Exhumed. Deathwatch, 'nuff said.
  • Sacrifice. Grey Knights. More of Justicar Alaric. Superb Grey Knight hackfest barely makes up for the gobs of italics (which as you know drives me batty!)
  • Runes. I think I recently hit Space Wolf overdose. They really don't have to be in every book.
  • The Long Games At Carcharias. Too contrary to the premise of the book.
  • Heart Of Rage. I was so 'meh' on this Blood Angels piece that I don't even remember it.
  • But Dust In The Wind. My first exposure to Imperial Fists, and unfortunately not much to my liking. This came the closest to making the pro list, but just missed out on sheer contrariness.
Tie Breaker: Primary Instinct. This one could go either way. A team of silver skulls on a long forgotten planet come up against something which is not quite what they expect. I think I would have liked this one more if it had been a little longer and I had gotten to know the characters more. They seemed to blur together for me, which really kept this tale from reaching its full potential.

Final verdict? It's worth a read if you need more Space Marines. I was hoping I would enjoy it more, as a 4:4:1 finish may be decent for a soccer playoff, but not for an anthology.


Warflake said...

I was just looking at getting this but if they don't put Imperial Fists in a good light that may sway me against it haha.

Might end up getting it anyways.

CounterFett said...

I was looking forward to the Imperial Fists story, since I am such a big fan of the Crimson variety, but I wasn't really that impressed with it.

I'm mixed on this one. Maybe see what other reviewers have to say on this one to decide, because I feel like I can't give a great recommendation either way.