Monday, July 11, 2011

Warpath Beta First Impressions: One Game In

Ok, I have skimmed the rules, and have one good game under my belt, so I feel more than qualified to pronounce judgment on it. I hereby declare, it is good. A lot of what you will hear about it is true. It does play a lot like 40k. If you are familiar with 40k already, playing this will be a breeze. Conversely, if you are not familiar with 40k, this is a lot easier and faster to pick up.

Basically, it plays a little faster and a little easier. I like the building of armies without a force org chart. Essentially, if you even use the 'org' rule for this game, you have to have a 'solid' unit, which equates to a troop choice, for every vehicle, monster, or hero. Warpath's definition of troop choices though, includes things like Terminators (equivalent) or Killa Kans (again, equivalent). Pretty nifty, really.

I played as HaloClix counts as Forgefathers, while my buddy played as AT-43 TacArms counts as Killa Kan Wall. It went pretty smooth, despite both of us only having read the rules the one time, without a lot of uncertainty. A familiarity with 40k served us well here. The one weird thing was with unit movement centering on the squad leader, you can sometimes move individual models as much as 10 extra inches, which seems weird at first. But since all distances are measure from that unit leader, it all buffs out.

It's a pretty sweet game. If you've been on the fence over trying it, I say give it a shot. It's free and you will probably like it.


eriochrome said...

Check the advance rule again. It says that no model can move more than the unit speed. It matters since if you get 1 model in assault range the whole unit is in assault range.

CounterFett said...

You're right, of course.

Where were you when that would have helped me out!

eriochrome said...

Playing with my new Lego Star Wars Endor set.