Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Black Crusade To Be Released At GenCon Indy!

Once again, I am snubbed by FFG releasing their new game at GenCon. When will they realize all of the tireless promotion of their products that I do and RELEASE IT TO ME FIRST!

Anyway, from their site:

“Without the light of Chaos, the universe would stagnate and collapse. Only though this struggle, can any advancement occur.”
–The Book of Magnus
Black Crusade, the upcoming RPG highly anticipated by Warhammer 40,000 veterans and new fans alike, will be on sale at Gen Con Indy 2011!

Once again, er, again, this seems they have followed their pattern of having terrific interior and promotional art, but falling down on the cover. Now don't get me wrong, that cover is a hell of a lot better than anything I can draw, but it is just not as...evocative as some of the other pieces released thusfar.

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