Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Mantis Warriors! Who Remembers I Was Working On This?

Honestly, I think the last time I did anything on this project, half of my followers list had not joined yet. The last time paint hit brush for these guys was last November before I bought my house.
Lately, long time readers have been clamoring for a revisit to these guys, and I am inclined to agree, since it was a project that I was really into, and have been a little lax on of late. A big part of this list was Scouts, which will be represented by my multi-purpose recon boys from Dust Tactics. Yeah, I know, counts as is the devil. If you don't like it, paint your own Mantis Legion.

Anyway, the list for what I was planning is somewhere on this site, you can probably find this by clicking on the 'Mantis Warriors' or 'Scouts' labels at the bottom of the page.


Anonymous said...

Woooo! Back on the horse, nice one brother!

P.s. I love the dust models, good choice and very cost effective!

Loquacious said...

They are back! I am glad to see them out again. I remember you scrubbing them in the sink of the old place.

Still have that crazy commute?

CounterFett said...

Yeah, my wife still swears she will never let me do that again. Green fusion paint flecks everywhere!

The commute got less crazy when I got the new house, but now is about to get...different. Going to start taking the train.

daKING said...

That's not even a new picture! lol Look forward to any progress on Mantis Warriors.