Thursday, August 18, 2011

Toy Show Haul! Part IV: Shepherd!

As much as I want to make Colonel Shepherd as Commander Shepherd jokes and say "I'll take it" in my corny midwestern voice, I'll spare you all the pain.

I got this for my wife, because she loves Stargate so much, but upon bringing it home to her, she gave a mighty 'meh,' and took out the pieces she wanted, leaving me Shepherd and his firearms.

It's a pretty cool figure with terrific sculpting. I think it's a pretty good likeness as well. There are loads of neat little features like the soft plastic of his jacket front being movable to show his shirt underneath (I love that jacket btw) as well as the flap holster holding the pistol.

The one downside is that this lines eems to be more of a poseable statuary than 'action' figures. The articulation is severely lacking. What points it does have work weirdly, and it is a stretch to even make him hold his P90 casually across his chest, much less look like he's going to fire it. Of course, with his goofy grin, it's hard to imagine this Shepherd taking a bead in anger anyway.

He also comes with a build a figure piece for the Atlantis Stargate. I had a hard time explaining to my wife that yes, it was only one piece, and no, she could not build the whole thing from just what came in her package. The whole idea of Build A Figure is new to her, apparently.

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