Thursday, August 4, 2011

Winter Combat Captain America!

This is one of the toys my son got for potty training, so it never really made it onto the blog. Well, boys being boys, once he lost all of the cool accessories (missile, missile launcher, snowboard) he wanted to trade it for my Crysis 2 Alcatraz Nanosuit. So, I am now the proud owner of what is basically a parts reuse of Ultimates Captain America.
Not that this is a bad figure, mind. Hasbro is, of course, much better at parts reuse than Mattel, for instance. Plus, it saves me from having to buy Ultimates Captain America. This is pretty neat, and it makes me want to dig out my Hoth Snowtroopers, Arctic Snakeyes, and Snowjob so that I can have a proper blizzard bruhaha! Basically, if you like Ultimates Cap, you'll probably like this figure too. Especially if you like a whimsical winter wonderland jaunt with the first Avenger.
Of course, it means he can't mix well with other genres of soldiery in my collection...

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