Thursday, September 22, 2011

364 Days Of Santa! The More Formal Announcement!

A couple of days ago, I kind of mentioned that I was doing photography for a new LEGO based webcomic. It is called 364 Days Of Santa and it is about Kris Kringle's adventures in between Christmases. A few people checked it out, but I kept getting comments that they were not able to follow it. I know my sites are not the only ones having trouble with this particular Blogger shenanigan, but there is a workaround until my digital overlords get that fixed.
Basically, I put the Followers roll at the top, if you don't see the little portraits, just reload the page and the 'Follow' button will become visible. Please go check out my little side project, and remember to Comment, Like, Follow, and Vote on the little ranking thing on the side bar! Every little bit helps me out!

Here's that link again! 364 Days Of Santa

Note: This is a guest post by KE554, since Counterfett is currently out of commission with nerve damage. Stay tuned folks.

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