Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Next Big Army Project!

This is an army idea that has been kicking around in my brain for a while, that I have mentioned a few times on the blog, and discussed a bit with other bloggers whose opinions matter to me, and I think I am about ready to go off on another tangent with it.
Mandatory backstory: As many of you know, I don't play Warhammer Fantasy. As likely the same many of you know, I also love the Skaven. Some months back, I actually had an idea (admittedly inspired by some great Skaven counts as Dark Eldar armies) to use the Skaven as a Vraksian traitor guard army (a la IA). What bogged the project down was the realization that I was exchanging one horde army (which is expensive and tedious to paint) for another horde army with tanks (more expensive and more tedious).

Wow, pretty heavy on the parentheses there. Sorry about that. Anyway, onto the backburner the idea went, and there it has remained since. Slowly boiling away and marinating in my subconscious. Then day before yesterday, I happened upon the Verminlord model from Forge World, and something clicked into place.

Chaos Daemons! I like Daemons. Daemons can be built as a non-horde, they have no mech (well, sort of...), and I have done a bit of tinkering with Daemons in the past, unlike IG, which I have barely even read the codex for. When one sits and thinks about Skaven and Chaos Daemons, many parallels begin to gel which makes the job of converting pretty simple really.

Plague Monks = Plague Bearers
Clan Rats = Bloodletters
Night Runners = Daemonettes
Weapon Teams* = Pink Horrors

*By weapon teams I mean of course warpfire throwers, ratling guns, warplock jezails, what have you.

There are a lot more half formed ideas of this nature still rolling around in my head that need to be formed a little more cohesively, but since I am pretty excited about this concept, I suspect we will revisit the topic. Now, the big problem is to come up with one of my weird monnikers for this idea so I don't have to type out 'Skaven Counts As Chaos Daemons' every time. Daemonrats? Skaemons?


Porky said...

Skaemons is pretty good. I like the idea of Chaos coming in many forms so this seems right to me. Maybe it's Malal, or a power unknown..? The unit by unit match works well too; stormvermin could work for bloodletters too.

CounterFett said...

You are 100% correct. Storm Vermin would look even better. I get the names mixed up pretty bad.