Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Not Quite Pre-Order Critique! Exalted Vermin Lord!

Now, the Forge World website says that this is on pre-order to be shipped the week of August 30th. Ummm-k. So depending on if anyone has got this yet or not this may be an honest to goodness pre-order review still! Whee! Good to know I still have one in me.
In any event, this is the Exalted Vermin Lord from the Warhammer Forge Skaven line. Now, it's no secret that I don't play Fantasy Battle, but this big bad guy does factor in to a super secret future plan which will probably feature shortly on this blog.

As to the model itself, it is dynamically posed, which after reviewing several Dark Eldar sculpts is quite a refreshing change up. The detailing looks good, right down to the vulgar runes etched into the beasts hide. Chunks of warpstone can be seen embedded in his carcass as well. In all, a terrific embodiment of malice and terror.

The only thing that is not terribly impressive is the 'doom glaive' or whatever it's called. Even this is not that big a deal to me, since with how over the top GW weapons tend to be, something unimpressive actually comes out as elegantly understated. Funny how less can be more.

I give this 4 ratling guns out of 5.

Note: This is a guest post by KE554, since Counterfett is currently out of commission with nerve damage. Stay tuned folks.

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