Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Warhammer Crown Of Destruction: A Book Review

I'm really more of a reader of novels rather than graphic novels, but I found this at the used bookstore for like $3.50 and decided it would be a good bet. I like Skaven and all, and it seems to revolve around them, so it seemed worth a try.

It is, in fact, about the Skaven Clan Skryre in its attempt to recover the stolen Crown of Destruction. This brings them into conflict with the Empire, and the Undead masters of the Crown's thief. Other notable appearances include Empire Greatswords, Empire Knights, a Zombie Dragon, and lots of Warplock weaponry. I particularly like that last bit.

  • Skaven, yup, still love them. In fact, their portrayal in this story was everything I could have hoped it would be. The artists in fact did a terrific job with them, from their general grotesque and dark aspect, to their peculiar manner of speech, every frame that had a Skaven in it made the story better.
  • Artwork. I'm not a Comic-guy much in recent history, but I used to really be into them. While the overall, cel-to-cel quality was uneven, some of the splash pages and (included) individual covers were simply amazing.
  • Setting. It gave a great feel for the Old World. This wasn't a story shoehorned or made to fit into the setting. Many times when settings make the jump from game to book, or comic (or heaven forbid movie) important aesthetic is lost or added. Not so here.
  • Characters. Yeah, the Empire human characters were pretty boring. The main antagonist was pretty hard to comprehend. It felt weird to root for the bad guys simply because the good guys were so lame.
  • Uneven interior artwork. I mentioned it earlier, but the interior artwork was pretty uneven. This might be a matter of taste, but while well detailed, much of the character illustration seemed 'off.' This was particularly noticable in some frames where characters were showing teeth. Do we really need hard shading on each of Frolich's molars? Not to my way of thinking, no.
Overall, it was a fun little read. I certainly would not have sprung for it at cover price, but it was definitely worth the ride for what I paid. If you see it cheap, go ahead and grab it, especially if you are in to Skaven, since they were definitely the high point.

Note: This is a guest post by KE554, since Counterfett is currently out of commission with nerve damage. Stay tuned folks.

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