Friday, October 7, 2011

Gear Garage...wait, this is a free download?

Ok. I'll admit it, this shocked the crap out of me. I was looking around trying to find a way to get a good army to start out playing Heavy Gear, without spending a bunch of money or needing to buy all of the Army books to read through them and see what I like. I stumbled upon a program called Gear Garage, on the Dreampod 9 site! It was free. It has all of the armies and is largely bug free.

My last several years of gaming have been with Games Workshop. They don't do this. I have seen some people complaining online about how expensive Heavy Gear is. It is more expensive than some ways of playing BattleTech, for instance, but not much, and if you are smart about how you pick an army (like I am trying to be), it can be even cheaper. And when they have a fan created utility available on their site for free that let's you do just that...

Well, let's just say I have been playing around with the program all day in a dreamlike trance.

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