Monday, October 31, 2011

Ghostober Part 4: The Femme Finale!

Ok, so this was supposed to be part five. I had a part four all planned for yesterday that was supposed to be either Kath Toom or Samir Duran. However, since Samir Duran was never really a ghost, and no one cares about Kath Toom (who was only ever in the comics and the Spectres novel), I decided to just cut to the chase and do my last installment. Plus, I did a Starcraft post already yesterday with the preview. Wow, my spellchecker went crazy with this paragraph. Starcraft names are funny.
November Terra from the cover of Starcraft Ghost: Nova.
November Terra. With a Psi Index of 10, Nova is the most powerful human psychic ever detected, supposedly even rivalling infested Kerrigan. Her exposure to Terrazine during the Spectre Crisis only compounds this matter, as well as making her less susceptible to the Dominion mind wipes. Whether her inability to forget her past sins will make her more or less loyal to Arcturus Mengsk is still to be seen.
Nova talking to Raynor on a vidscreen.
From a Games standpoint, Nova is a fan favorite. She was originally intended to be the star of her own game, Starcraft Ghost, a third person shooter which was delayed several times before ultimately being canceled. Not content to write off a character that so much development had been sunk into, not to mention so many fans had already grown to adore, Nova went on to a central role in the Starcraft version of the Expanded Universe (a Star Wars term).
Concept art of Nova from the canceled Starcraft Ghost.
Nova is the main character of the Starcraft Ghost novel series, and appears in Starcraft II in multiple cutscenes and is a playable character in one level. She appears in the trailer for the Starcraft II expansion Heart of the Swarm, opposing Kerrigan. She is also slated to be a playable character in the Dawn Of The Ancients maps for Starcraft II.

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