Wednesday, October 19, 2011

HO HO HO! Playmobil Santa Is Coming To Town!

Got this the other day. I saw a pretty cool Playmobil Santa at Barnes & Noble the day before, but it was $4.99. I wanted to wait and see if I could find one someplace for cheaper.
I'm glad I did, because I found not just a Santa figure, but a whole little playset at TRU that was on clearance. He also came with a reindeer, but it is unavailable for photography, since my son commandeered that bad boy post haste. This is a pretty European representation of old St. Nick, since the American version typically does not have the Staff and Lantern thing going on. Plus, just check out those muttonchops!!


jboypacman said...

Love this rendering of Santa i should get one for the upcoming Holidays.

Erin Snyder said...

Oh my God... I am SOOOOO going shopping this weekend.