Monday, October 24, 2011

My Mantis Scouts (Recon Boys) Are Completed...Ish

Yeah, unless I come up with something else I decide I need to do to these guys, my first two completed units of the Mantis Legion Army are complete! I did decide to go with simple gold pips on the helmets to differentiate the Sergeants from the Scouts. Additionally, I also made them different to show which squad is which. 1st Squad Sgt. has one pip. Second squad sergeant has, appropriately enough, two pips.
Group Shot! 1st Squad in the front, 2nd Squad in the back.
1st Squad Closeup.
2nd Squad Closeup.

I kept the basing deliberately simple and muted, as the theme for this army is a desperate boarding mission upon one of the blockade ships above Tranquility during The Badab Rebellion. As such, the armor is going to be a mix of Mantis Green and Tranquility camouflage. The scouts are meant to represent either human conscripts, or incomplete gene-seeded recruits called up to service early as the Siege grows more desperate.


Mik said...

Devlan Mud.

Over the whole figure.


CounterFett said...

Mik, I did, the pics are just a bit washed out because I took them in my garage. They look better in person.