Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Necrons, The Silent Horde?

Is it because they have no mouths?
I've been holding my breath on talking about Necrons until we had something more official from GW on this. I'm as interested as any gamer in seeing what is done with these marvelous killer bots. Because if anything can be cooler than the Terminator, its a Terminator Mummy.

On the other hand, I really do NOT want to reward Games Workshop's 'Publicity Through Stille Nacht" campaign. Seriously, when I am not annoyed by them assuming I'm going to want this without them having to do any work for it, I'm creeped out by the fact that there is STILL nothing on the advance order page at the GW site. Any of the Advance Order pages for that matter.

My gaming budget has been pretty stretched of late, due to the whole disability thing, and I'm really trying to think if I have spent any of it with GW. They have not done, nor are they showing me, anything I plan on buying since the Grey Knights dropped.

Sorry about this, I try not to have posts with this many capital letters, and do not take offense if you are one of the people who are excited, and/or hunting the Necron rumors. I've got nothing against you.

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sonsoftaurus said...

Just take the release date as the "leak/preview" date, and buy stuff at the regular time - ie three-six months later. ;-)