Friday, October 7, 2011

Picking A Faction Part I. The Hardest Part Of Starting A New Game.

I'll just come right out and say it in the title. This may be different for other people, but the hardest part of picking up a new game for me is always deciding who to play. You have to do a good job right at the start, or you end up collecting a mishmash of factions and never really finishing one real thing before being lured off by whatever is new and shiny.

Failing at the above task is just what hampered my Warhammer 40k experience. As much as people like to blame GW, I know for a fact that I would enjoy the game much better if I had really stopped and thought about who or what I wanted to play as in the beginning. This is why whenever I play a real game of 40k, I always end up playing as Codex: Chaos Space Marines; I have enough units of the Chaos codices to make a CSM list if it includes lesser Daemons and a tiny bit of 'counts as.'

In my other big game from the past, BattleTech, I knew what I was doing. I picked a faction (ComGuard) right at the beginning, and stuck with it through my whole gaming career. When the 'Mechwarrior' clicky game came out, they had been removed as a faction, and I basically was removed as a player. Looking back on that after my pretty eclectic experience with 40k makes me scratch my head.

Now that I am looking at Heavy Gear as an outlet for some of my miniature gaming, not to mention the hobby budget, I want to do this right. I want both my positive (BattleTech) and negative (40k) experiences with faction selection to guide my hand, like the sword of Inigo Montoya. (edit: can you tell I select a picture AFTER I write the article?)

In heavy gear I am served by the fact that most of the factions are apparently pretty evenly matched. It boils down to aesthetics, preferred play style, and available unit selection for each faction.

I started this thinking I was going to work through my options and make a selection at the end of the column, but it looks like I have a little more to work out, so I think we'll end it there, and pick this up another time.

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