Thursday, October 13, 2011

Picking A Faction Part IV: The Total Noobs Guide To Peace River (Heavy Gear)

Alright folks, back in the swing of things here as regards Heavy Gear, still working on picking a faction, and while it is still fairly likely that I will just pick whichever side's models look coolest to me, I want to at least pretend to put some rational thought into the selection. The next stop on that gravy train is Peace River.

While I had initially discarded the game in part because of Peace River, it turns out they are not some future tech hippy dippy nonsense, but rather the Army of Paxton Arms, located in Peace River. Don't know what I was thinking. That's one of the problems with Heavy Gear, however, the names of the factions are just not helpful at all. Anyway, located in the Badlands, a hazardous lightly inhabited wasteland between the North and South factions, Peace River is a small but dedicated force which endeavors to protect itself and the other small Badlands enclaves from predation by either of the polar factions.

Being the exclusive army of an arms manufacturing giant has its perks; while typically outnumbered on the table, the boys from Paxton bring some special stuff to the table, sophisticated and plentiful electronic warfare gear, tankstriders (transforming tank/spider walkers), some truly amazing mecha (hello Cataphract!) and in general a more elite and experienced feel.

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