Monday, October 31, 2011

Pre Order Critique: Necron Lynchguard / Triarch Praetorian

Part II of our adventure into the Necron pre-release is the Lynchguard & Praetorian duo. This looks like it might be a pretty cool set, though if Matt Ward is to be believed, the Necron will be a shooty only army, so one might question the worth of sinking points into melee mummies. In any event, on with the models!
The Lynchguard. Ok, so these guys look a bit like the pariahs of old (was it Pariahs, the guys with the scythes? I have already forgotten, since I never used them). I had to check back to see if these were like the warscythes I remembered, which they are. I thought they kind of looked like ranged weapons as well, sort of like the guardian spears of the Imperium, but no such luck.
Triarch Praetorians. These look a bit too much like something you would have to bring back with the book of the dead, or something. Seriously, I get that they are trying to reinforce the "Tomb Kings In Space" vibe, but really? As much as I like it, why are they phasing all of the fantasy aspects out of all the other lines, and saying that 40k is its own setting, then making it so you may as well call your Necron Lord 'Settra'. Did anyone actually get that reference? I forget, does anyone actually play as Tomb Kings?

Sorry, enough ranting, I'm done, I swear...

It's a nice set, and even though it in general reinforces aspects of the codex that GW says are not happening, it might be worth a look if the stats work out, or if, like me, you are just interested in having models of Alien Space Mummies for your other games.

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