Thursday, October 13, 2011

Simple Stompy Robot Rules? BattleForce To Save The Day!

I'm on a mecha tangent lately. This is ironic considering I just ebayed about 80% of my Battletech minis. Nevertheless, I still have a significant portion (those that were opened, basically) which allows me to play several robot type games if I were so inclined. Also, my recent fascination with Heavy Gear and researching which faction to play is likely contributing to my stompy robot syndrome.

I just didn't feel like breaking out the BattleTech rules or buying the new 'mega-volume' and trying to brush off the rust of a half decade of not playing. Trying to relearn rules that I stopped playing for a reason (I don't remember it, but I'm sure it was there), just didn't seem to have much appeal, no matter how hard I tried.

Then I remembered BattleForce. I never played it back in the day, because I just didn't get what it was. Essentially, it is a mass combat version of the game which simplifies the records keeping for individual mechs so that larger battles can be played. So, if one were to keep the small unit sizes, it would simplify the records keeping and speed up play to an even greater extant, one would surmise.

Plus, the quick start rules are free. Plus, I already know the setting, or how to readily adapt it to other settings. Plus, I already have all of the supplemental materials I need. Plus, I already have painted minis. It's a lot of pluses.

Get the quick start rules for free here. See if it might solve some of your problems too.


Mik said...

Another one to check out is Giant Stompy Robot Gladiators, I played it last year at Fall-In! and it was a very enjoyable set of rules. Also free and super simple to get on the table and rolling dice.

CounterFett said...

Awesome Mik, I'll check it out! You Always have the coolest links.

As an aside, why do your comments keep duplicating? Is it something with my site?

Mik said...

I think it's something with my patience level. If it doesn't post right away I keep clicking...and then end up with a double post!

Of course I don't want to compound matters by a third comment saying, "Please permanently delete that deleted comment."

CounterFett said...

Haha. Ok, well no prob, just wanted to make sure my site wasn't acting weird. That has been something of a problem lately for this and 364/Santa.