Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Seripas

I was wandering around a nearby Target with my wife when I saw that they had a sale on pretty much every brand of action figure. So I set about to find out if there were any I had been waiting to get. Of course, they were entirely out of Steve Rogers, but I brought that on myself. The GI Joe was even worse bought through than Marvel, but Star Wars looked like it had just been freshly packed. I nearly had a heart attack when I saw they had a Space Trooper, because I sort of wanted one of those, but then I screamed like a little girl when I saw Seripas, the little alien bounty hunter.
I never saw this part of the animated series, I stopped watching after about midway through the second season, when we cut our cable. However, I have wanted this character since I saw it during the news segment back on the 3rd or 4th episode of the Articulated Monster.
Essentially, Seripas is a tiny alien who uses a big power armored suit to make a reputation for himself. I love that they include a tiny Seripas figure that you can take out of the armor.
There's even a little cockpit with controls that he can hold on to!
The battle suit won't really hold the sniper rifle in a firing position, but that's ok. I didn't see the cartoon , remember? I don't even know if he's supposed to use it or not!
Besides, in traditional battle droid fashion, he has deployable weapons. These are the blasters. The other side has a sort of circular saw.

It's a pretty neat figure, and if you are at all into Star Wars, I recommend snagging one if you see it!!


The Antipope said...

Totally irrelevant but I just saw this : http://www.bricktuts.com/2011/10/lego-super-heroes-pictures-revealed/ and thought you would find it really interesting being a super hero/lego fanatic and everyfing!

CounterFett said...

Not at all, we're always down with some LEGO news.

LEon said...

Looking at this toy, remind me of ID4...