Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thor Movie Fireblast Destroyer

I picked this up a few weeks back on an amazon order I made. I had just received my very first paypal payment, and after the initial bewilderment over 'what the hell am I supposed to do with money I have on paypal?' was figured out, I decided to order stuff online. 'Course, Amazon doesn't take paypal, but that's a story for another article, right?

Anyhow, I got both this and the Deluxe Frost giant. They both arrived in a timely manner, but then I opened neither of them. This often happens to me, and is why I almost never mail order toys. By the time they get here, whatever project I was planning on using them for either ended, or got back-burnered.

Nevermind. it's still a cool toy. Despite having read a bad review of it on some other toy blog, it actually seems like a pretty cool figure. Range of motion on the joints seems pretty limited, but that's really my only problem. Paint is good (how could it not be on this figure, honestly?), the sculpt is fine, and the gimmick is not as intrusive as I had been led to believe. The press a button and he lights up thing is not going to negatively impact my opinion of the figure.

It seems pretty cool. I think I am going to unbox this and the Frostie tonight. Should have some pics posted later.

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