Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Like Too Little Butter...

...scraped over too much toast.

It's pretty much the way I feel right now. Going back to work has been hard. My shoulder hurts about half the time. My hand seems to hurt ALL the time. I don't have enough time with the kids, and I am driving too much. My company still has not paid me for the time I was disabled, and on top of all that, I have taken on the project of building my Youtube channel in hopes of getting a partnership.

Everything is going pretty well to plan for now, but I can't shake that feeling like it's all about to come apart. Thanks for all bearing with me, hopefully when it's all up and running it will be worth it!


jboypacman said...

Hang in there my friend and all will get better. : )

The Happy Whisk said...

Hope you feel better soon.