Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pre Order Critique: Ark Of The Necron

What's up folks. This is going up on a scheduled posting, so don't be weirded out when I say that this is the earliest I have ever been up on the day after Halloween! Hope you all had a good one!

As always, all of my comments here about the model is question are strictly from an aesthetics standpoint, as I don't bother with rumors or trying to build a list of leaked information or whatnot, just remember this disclaimer and all will be well.

Ghost Ark. So, the Necron at last have their own transport. Now, I understand that the fluff is taking a big change with this edition of the space mummies codex, so the old contradiction of this is no problem for me. However, I think the idea of a floating barge of Necron would appear more ominous if the individual robots looked less like they were fighting a fierce bout of constipation. Or are they assuming the crash position? You would think fearless robots would have a little more faith in their driver, right? At first I thought it meant that they were folded and stowed, being transported in their 'inactive' state, to be deployed into battle like that scene from Star Wars with the battle droids. Then I noticed that the driver was folded up too! Isn't that the robot equivalent of driving asleep? I think the Arbites need to have a chat with these Necrons.
Doomsday Ark. I like where Games Workshops' head is at with this idea. It's a floating platform with a gun. A big gun. A gun of cataclysmic power and potency. I'm with you so far. Ah, heck, it looks like a cartoon fish skeleton? See they give me something good, then they yank it right back. I love the concept behind this one, I just wish it looked less like something Heathcliff would pull out of a trashcan. Also, why does it bother me that the 'fuselage' of the set is reversed for the alternate build in this set?

This set is ok. I know the Mech-set are going to be snapping these up, and it'll give the band-wagoneers a way to quickly fill up the coffers of our favorite plastic pusher. I just think somewhere out there someone is working on a conversion idea for these that is going to make them look so much better.

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