Monday, November 21, 2011

Top 30 Sci-Fi Tanks! Number 10!

Well, after a nice little hiatus into the land of BattleTech, I hope you are all ready to travel back to the heady realm of Command & Conquer! It takes up a substantial portion of the list simply because there were so many great armor options in the 9 games plus countless expansions that the games spawned. Also, I played them all.

#10 The Mammoth Tank
See, way back in Command & Conquer 1, there were 4 types of tanks, and they were labeled quite generically as Light Tank, Medium Tank, Heavy Tank, and Mammoth. The heavy was likely the best value and most effective of the four, but everyone loved the Mammoth. Why? Two Guns, Two Missiles, and Armor for Days.
In later iterations of the series, the Mammoth changed graphically, but the winning formula remained. And is that not the definition of a successful series? Sadly, the Mammoth was replaced in the Red Alert Series (after the first title) and Generals with the largely identical Apocalypse and Overlord. But the Mammoth still holds a special place in C&C History.

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