Saturday, November 19, 2011

Top 30 Sci-Fi Tanks! Number 12!

Good morning all, Counterfett here once again with more sci-fi armor goodness. I didn't notice when I was writing this list how much of the choices for this little stretch came from Command & Conquer. At least this next one, while quite like the Apocalypse, comes from C&C Generals, a follow up, spin off game.

#12 The Overlord.
Note gatlings on the rear tank
The Overlord Tank fills the Niche occupied in other C&C games by the Apocalypse and Mammoth, and with a panache all its own. Its guns and missiles are aplenty, as in the previous iterations of the super-heavy, but it also has an additional feature which grants it a measure of customization.
Overlord with battle bunker
The Overlord is so large it can have modules constructed on top of it. Does your tank need anti air? Build some gatlings. Need anti infantry? Build a bunker and put some riflemen in it. Want it to support an infantry advance? Build some speakers to motivate your troops.

Sadly, these features were not developed in subsequent games.

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