Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Top 30 Sci-Fi Tanks! Number 15!

 Well, if yesterday marked the halfway point, then today is the begin of the downhill roll for this series. As I have only written these posts on two separate days thus far (both Sundays!), so many entries is making me a little burned out. I forgot that when I posted the Power Armor countdown back in April that I was still able to do posts from work. I can't do that now, so the project takes on a different timbre.

#15: M2 'Blower'

One of the older, and more fanciful depictions of the BLower.
I'm a pretty recent convert to the Hammer's Slammers fiction, only having read the first two collections and that only this year. Nevertheless, I do enjoy the gritty depictions of future tank combat. As such, I had a hard time placing this in the countdown. Unlike most of the other tanks, which were depicted in video games or movies, I only know this from fiction, where it is depicted as simply the Insurmountable King of the battlefield. So, to be safe, I put it here.
Hey look, a diagram!
With a 200cm powergun, the M2 can kill anything that appears on Drake's battlefield with a single round. And as powerguns are line of sight and can be computer controlled, I really mean anything. It has a massive amount of armor, and weighs in at 200 tons (!) making it a little over three times the mass of an Abrams battle tank. Pretty big, to say the least. Cloaked in irridium armor, the M2 is hard to kill as well, needing a direct hit from other tank killing class power guns to really have any assurance of finishing the job.

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