Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Top 30 Sci-Fi Tanks! Number 16!

This post marks the 50% completion point for this endeavor, and I hope you are all still enjoying it as much as I am. Knowing what I am going to be doing the morning posts about this far in advance has really helped me out, since I am now back to work, as I have been able to schedule these waaaaaay further out in advance than I have ever worked before.

#16: The Scorpion

The UNSC Scorpion tank is classified as a medium tank in the Halo lore, but the UNSC must use a different rating than modern armies do, as it seems pretty massive when you see folks riding it (as in the above image). Also, it is armed with only a 90mm gun, so their shells must be pretty hot too, since it can smash through covenant armor all the live long day. This is why the Scorpion places so much higher than its contemporary and main opponent the Wraith. Despite being much technologically inferior to the Covenant Wraith, the Scorpion consistently beats Wraiths on a 1-to-1 basis.
Besides the aforementioned 90mm main gun, the Scorpion typically mounts a heavy machine gun, either coaxially (Halo: CE) or in a separately manned cupola. Further, UNSC infantry typically will ride the Scorpion, one mounted on each of the Scorpion's four tread units. So individual loadout varies considerably for each Scorpion so equipped. Rocket Launchers and Snipers always served me best!

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