Monday, November 14, 2011

Top 30 Sci-Fi Tanks! Number 17!

Howdy folks, time for another installment in the great and wonderful Tanksgiving countdown. These are all on scheduled upload, so don't be alarmed when I make mention of the fact that I have not written any of these posts in over a week. I am still well ahead as I type this, and pulling further ahead still!

#17: Leman Russ

I know, I know. Since a huge chunk of my readership is made up of 40k fans, I imagine I might catch some flak over the Imperial Guard's  poster boy tank placing this low, but considering some of the heavyweights and awesomesauce that are coming in the next week, I feel this is the right place for the old Lemon Rust.
Box Art. Ugh...I wish there were more available artwork for these.
Named for the Primarch of the Space Wolves Legion, the Leman Russ is the Imperial Guard's bread and butter heavy battle tank. With the appropriately named Battle Cannon as its signature weapon, the Russ comes in a staggering array of variants and configurations. From the tank killing Vanquisher (my favorite), to the lead spewing Punisher gatling tank, a Leman Russ can fit your need.

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