Sunday, November 13, 2011

Top 30 Sci-Fi Tanks! Number 18!

After the dark horse that was the Batmobile, we return to more conventional territory for our number eighteen entry, though not much more so. Today's contestant comes once more from the heady realm of video games, and this time something I am intimately familiar with...Red Alert.

#18 The Mirage Tank.

Those panels don't just look cool, they project the 'mirage'
See Command & Conquer Red Alert takes place in a weird alternate reality sort of like our own, in which World War Two as we know it never happened. Instead, a massive global conflagration erupted as the Soviet Union repeatedly tried to conquer, well, everything. In this alternate reality, as in our own, there was a huge arms race, but unlike ours, this alternate discovered strange and terrible technologies with which to wage war. One such creation was the Mirage Tank.
Love, love, love these pseudo-tech diagrams!
Able to disguise itself as a tree, the Mirage Tank made for some amusing ambush possibilities, especially against the AI, which never seemed to learn any better. Human players did grow wise to the tactic, and habitually used area weapons against any clump of trees, particularly around bridges. Such an asset denial, like the earlier Nod Stealth Tank, made the Mirage Tank worth its weight in gold. As an added bonus, it was much better in a fight than the Stealth Tank to boot.

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